Do I have to disclose my mobile number and email for registration for placing an order?

Yes mobile number and email are mandatory as it is necessary for us to co-ordinate with you for your order.

Is my personal information safe and secure on Sadafarif.com

Yes, any information shared by all clients & members are secure and safe.

Can I change my order?

No, once your order is confirmed & you get a notification from us, you cannot change your order.

Can I cancel my order?

No, an order cannot be canceled once payment is done when you shop online.

Can I shop online if I am outside India?

Yes, we do accept International orders and deliver outside India.

What about additional charges and Logistic charges?

When you place your order, you will see the Logistic charges and Taxes for both domestic and international orders.

Can shipping address be changed once I have ordered?

Yes, you can change the shipping address before your order has been dispatched.

What if I am not available when my order is delivered?

If you are not available when we deliver your merchandise, it will be taken back by courier executive. You will have to inform us & we will co-ordinate with our Logistic partner and inform you about the procedure.

What if I received damaged Merchandise are different outfits from the one that I have ordered?

We ensure that we check twice and deliver our product. If it ever happens, you can notify us of your order details under 1 day of delivery.